24-hour Live On-Air Party & Pledge Drive!

Be sure to tune in on Friday, December 20th for a special 24-hour live broadcast and pledge drive commemorating the 100th episode of KBFG’s morning show, Sonic Sunrise!

It’s been a busy year around the station and along with Sonic Sunrise, Local with Louise and 45RPM also celebrated their 100th episodes. It’s a huge accomplishment for these programmers, and we say that calls for a celebration!

Pledge incentives will KBFG swag, invites to future live in-studios, and other cool stuff throughout the drive. Listeners can donate online via PayPal by clicking the yellow ‘donate’ button on our home page, or give the station a call during the drive at (206)317-4518!

Listeners are also invited to come by the station during the drive. It’s located in the Jack Straw Cultural Center at 4261 Roosevelt Way NE. We’d love to see you!

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