Welcome to the home of KBFG 107.3. We are a volunteer group of radio enthusiasts dedicated to bringing quality programming to North Seattle neighborhoods.

We can be found on the air at 107.3 FM in the Ballard, Fremont, Greenwood, and surrounding areas of North Seattle. Or stream our station from here on the website under the Listen page.

If you are a part of the North Seattle community or even a fan of commercial-free, educational radio, please help support us by making a donation.






What's Hot

  • We Do The Work

    Hosted by Ken Winkes, We Do The Work is a weekly local worker radio program that features news, interviews, music, and comments. We Do The Work believes American workers are at...

  • 45 RPM

    “45 RPM – Music of the 40s & 50s” is a show produced by Sam Waldron, the on-the- air persona of Richard Buck from North Seattle. Sam is an...

  • My Ten Songs

    On the show “My Ten Songs,” host Megan Hanna accompanies members of the Seattle community as they journey through the songs that have shaped their lives and share the...