KBFG to webcast Sandbox Radio live on April 25th

As our community radio station progresses through its testing phase of webcasting daily content (in preparation for over-the-air broadcasting towards year’s end), our Programming Committee has been working to fill out our daily programming schedule with a variety of content that stands apart from what currently fills Seattle’s airwaves. One such example: Sandbox Radio!

KBFG has permission to broadcast 17 classic episodes of this ensemble Seattle theater group’s performances. Our Programming Committee shall begin gradually introducing episodes of Sandbox Radio into our web site audio stream, eventually becoming a part of our daily programming schedule once our station antenna starts buzzing atop the Norse Home.

Furthermore, the first episode of Sandbox Radio we “air” (via our webcast audio stream) will be a brand new live performance as it happens: “THE WORDS AND THE BEES” Monday April 25th in Town Hall at 8PM. Besides being a great opportunity to further test our station’s equipment and software, as well as staff broadcasting training, it will be a great way for our station to begin supporting a part of Seattle’s local theater community. We believe a greatsandbox_radio_main_logo way to support Seattle’s local theater is to bring it to Seattle’s ears.

“THE WORDS AND THE BEES” will be remotely streamed via our web site (http://fulcrumcc.org/listen/) by KBFG Producer Rex Young, under the supervision of KBFG Programming Instructor Tim Flanagan, live as it happens. If you miss it the first time, check our site’s audio stream periodically for replays. Please stay tuned for detailed scheduling information for this and other great local programs.

Sandbox Radio is sharp as a tack, professional and relevant to daily life in Seattle. If you’ve never listened to Sandbox Radio before, give them a listen now at their site: http://www.sandboxradio.org/sandbox_radio.html

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