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  • Town Hall – Archived talks from Town Hall Seattle – A vibrant gathering place in the heart of Seattle, Town Hall fosters an engaged community through civic, arts, and educational programs that reflect—and inspire—our region’s best impulses: creativity, empathy, and the belief that we all deserve a voice.
  • Office Hours – An open time for folks to come into the station and learn how to do radio. Tim hosts new volunteers.
  • Phantom Transmissions is hosted by Q every week, psychedelic, the cinematic, and beyond
  • The Trace brings you open and personal conversations with unique individuals about the movies, culture, and politics of the year of their birth. Wednesdays at 2pm.
  • Rainy City People has conversations with local activists, politicians, and non-profit workers who are looking to make Seattle more livable for all. Friday at 6pm.
  • Climate and Energy News has a new show every day Monday through Thursdays focusing on energy and climate related issues that are relevent to our area. Monday through Thursday at 10am.
  • Live @ The Coffee House plays live local blues, folk, and a variety of performances at coffee houses and other small venues throughout North Seattle. Wednesdays through Fridays at 9am.
  • Exit Stage Left brings you each week highlights of live stage performances that will be coming up in the North Seattle area. Focus is largely on non-profit community theaters as well as local high schools. Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 8am.
  • Globetrotting Enigma is an exploration of music from all over the world with host George Collins. Every country, every continent, every style imaginable from the charming to the challenging. Thu 7pm, Sat 1pm
  • A Way with Words is an upbeat and lively hour-long public radio show and podcast about language examined through history, culture, and family. Each week, author/journalist Martha Barnette and lexicographer/linguist Grant Barrett talk with callers about slang, old sayings, new words, grammar, word origins, regional dialects, family expressions, and speaking and writing well. Thu 1pm, Sat 8am
  • The Nice Up is a show hosted by Selectah Mateo, which brings a free-form variety mix offering up choice cuts of irresistible sounds featuring flavors from around the world. Some examples might include Clinton Fearon, Madlib, Stereolab and more. Wed 9pm, Sun noon
  • Locus Focus is a top notch regional program from our friends at KBOO focusing on Pacific Northwest environmental issues. Mon 11am, Fri noon
  • Lance Lambert is a local storyteller specializing in stories about growing up. Wed 1pm, Sat 11am
  • Nite Swetz is a locally-focused musical mashup of tunes, beats, riffs, drones, and noises from Ballard, Fremont, and beyond.  Hosted by TBASA and Tin Itis from the Substation music venue in Frelard.
  • 45 RPM – Music of the 40s & 50s” is a show produced by Sam Waldron, an informative host playing songs from the 40s and 50s. Each one-hour show follows a theme. Some examples include music of the 1940s; Songs About Dancing; The Music of Cole Porter; Group Vocals; The Music of Elvis Presley. Mon 8pm, Sat 4pm
  • On My Ten Songs, host Megan Hanna accompanies members of the community as they journey through the songs that have shaped their lives and share the stories behind them. Fri 8pm, Sun 4pm
  • Every Saturday night at 11pm, join us for two hours of local Electronic and Dance Music.
  • Hosted by Ken Winkes, We Do The Work is a weekly local worker radio program that features news, interviews, music, and comments. We Do The Work believes American workers are at the heart of our economy and culture, deserving dignity, respect, and a decent family wage. Thu 11am, Sun 7am
  • Democracy Speaks is a show hosted by Cindy Black of Fix Democracy First that explores Democracy related issues. Tue 2pm, Fri 11am
  • Rhythm Roulette with DJ Solid Sound. Each week, DJ Solid Sound delivers a 1-hour mix based around a new genre, category, or concept. Featuring a mix of local, national, and international artists, both current and classic, this isn’t your average variety mix. Thu 9pm, Sun 10am
  • Dick Lee’s – 60s Garage Rock from California show It features garage rock from California during the decade of the 1960’s along with national hits of the day.  Sat 10am, Sun 4pm
  • The Secret Word Show is a music-based show themed around a “word picked out of thin air” to set up an eclectic program of various genres. Local musician and KBFG board member Eric Muhs picks ’em. One week the show might be centered around the word “Island” and next week it might be “Weather.” You’ll have to Tune in to find out. Fri 9pm, Sat 9am
  • Law and Disorder provides timely legal perspectives on issues concerning civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent and practices of torture exercised by the US government and private corporations. Fri 1pm, Sun 8am
  • “You Heard It Here” is a show where our own volunteer  Pamela Burton will introduce KBFG listeners to our newest programs with lots of music and stories to go along with it. Tue 6pm, Sun 11am
  • Local with Louise is a weekly show produced by our very own volunteer Louise Bendall where she features local Seattle artists.  Fri 7pm, Sun 1pm
  • The Sea Monster Radio Show is a syndicated show dedicated to musicians who perform at The Sea Monster Lounge in Wallingford, hosted by Mackenzie McAninch. Wed 8pm, Sat 3pm
  • KBFG’s first live show Tristan’s Bedtime Radio Hour, airs every Sunday from 7 to 8 pm. Join father-son co-hosts Tim and Tristan as they talk about dinosaurs, play favorite songs, and take requests from Tristan’s big sisters.
  • African Airwaves is produced by Doug Paterson of KBFG, who writes about African music and produces shows from his vast collection of African music. Sat noon, Sun 9pm