What is Low-Power FM?

LPFMs are community-based commercial-free radio stations with a broadcasting radius of 3.5 – 10 miles. LPFM stations can operate at a maximum of 100 watts.  These stations broadcast as a way for communities to disseminate their message on the airwaves. They are only granted for non-commercial, educational use.

Check out the Wikipedia entry and Prometheus Radio Project for more detailed information.

Why are you doing this?

Our group is bringing a voice to the communities in North Seattle. We are beginning to stream educational, local music, and multi-lingual programming to neighborhoods underserved in these areas.

I love community radio. How can I help?

Short answer: For more detailed information, check out our Get Involved page.

Where can I donate money?

For now, we’ll take checks payable to “Fulcrum Community Communications”. Send them to

PO Box 17217
Seattle, WA. 98127

Thanks in advance!

I have some old equipment. Can I donate that?

Of course! Contact us to arrange a pickup/drop-off.