A community radio station can’t run without support from….  the community! It takes a surprising range of disciplines to operate smoothly. No matter your skill set, we can find a place (or two) for you.

Skill sets required

While we have the strongest needs for volunteers in the Capacity and Development and Programming committees, we need the help of everyone from tax preparers to lawyers to handypeople to on-air talent, and everything between. If you have a service you’d like to provide, let us know. We’ll find a job for you.

We have three committees that take care of most of the work related to our LPFM community radio project.

Capacity and Development – All things related to public relations, finance, fundraising, real estate, legal, volunteer recruitment, developing partnerships with neighborhood organizations, etc.

Engineering– All technical aspects of studio equipment and broadcasting equipment.

Programming– All aspects of programming: ideas for shows, show planning, and finding people to do shows. Have a great idea for a show? Feel free to pitch it to us. If you’re interested in producing a show, we plan to make available some portable production kits as well as lessons on how to make your production ready for airing.

Get In Touch With Us– Tell us a little about yourself and your interests with this form :

 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAkV O1ekarhC_EhprIyCElLc9hhEWglJz7fI9Lyei6dTuRw/viewform

You can ask questions at info@kbfgseattle.org or call us at 206-317-4518.

Word of mouth helps also

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Share one of our posts. Play our station at work. Tell a neighbor about a great show you heard. The more our message spreads, the greater our value to the community.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

The following are just some of the volunteer opportunities we have available today. These are projects that are ready for someone to hit the ground running with to make an impact in community radio. We just need your help to get them done!

  • Host a Children’s Show (2 hour commitment per week) – Put together a weekly 1 hour children’s show playing music, storytelling, etc. Show can be produced at your convenience for later play.
  • Host a 60’s Show (2 hour commitment per week) – Let your inner Wolfman Jack come out and put together a rockin’ 60’s show. Show can be produced at your convenience for later play.
  • Live Local Coffee Shop Shows (3 hour commitment occasionally) – We have relationships with several local coffee shops. We need folks that would love to go out, record some live performances to be turned into radio shows! We have folks that will help out with the editing also if that is not your expertise!
  • Help Produce a 30-minute What’s Happening show – We need two volunteers for this one!
    • Reach out to organizations in the community to get updates on what is happening. (2 hours a week commitment)
    • Host a 30 minute or 60 minute what’s happening show (2 hour commitment per week) – put together a show about what is going on
  • We are always looking for announcers for more neighborhood sports! Commitment hours vary, but most time is for live broadcast.
  • Plan an upcoming Break Out! Live Concert – We love putting on live concerts. But we need folks to help plan them (5 hour commitment over a month).
  • Help us acquire music (flexible time) – We need more people to help acquire local music to play on our station.
  • Review music and help us determine what to play (flexible time) – With our growing library, we need more people to review music, make sure songs are safe for radio play and recommend what to add to our rotation
  • Help us raise funds with underwriters (a few hours a month) – Help us get new underwriters by talking to local community-minded businesses.

Don’t see an opportunity above that you would be perfect for? It doesn’t mean we don’t need help with it! Contact Us for more ideas!