Release Forms

KBFG 107.3 has several different release forms for different types of content.

Release for Live Performances – This covers musicians, spoken word performers, live community events where a release is needed to broadcast the voices or performance of the artists/participants.

Radio DJ/Show Host – This covers radio DJs and show hosts that are curating a radio show and whose voice will be broadcast along with their show. This release only covers any material the DJ creates, not the music being played. If the music being played is pre-recorded released music, it is already covered with our licenses from all Performing Rights Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, etc). If the music being played is from a live local event, we need a Release for Live Performances (above).

Podcasts – This covers hosts of a podcast that may be broadcast on KBFG. This release is granting KBFG the ability to broadcast your previously recorded podcast. The term podcast here is very broad and includes any pre-recorded content such as a talk show, music show, etc.