We need your help to provide this valuable resource to the North Seattle community. You would be building a network of community-oriented individuals and groups while supporting volunteer-powered radio that is accountable to nobody but you, our local audience. This is sorely needed in an age of profit-driven media that lacks genuine connection with everyday listeners.

To ensure that KBFG-LP remains a sustainable resource, we need your financial help.

KBFG-LP is offering underwriting opportunities to local businesses. Underwriting is where a for-profit business can financially support our station and receive on-air acknowledgements for your support. The included underwriter rate card outlines our packages. You can underwrite KBFG-LP for only a few dollars a day and in return we will schedule pre-recorded underwriter acknowledgements that will play during peak listening times.   

We have a special underwriting offer with a limited availability. This offer is to underwrite all of the music we play on a daily basis. To play licensed music, we need to have licensing agreements with various organizations including BMI, ASCAP, and SoundExchange. To help pay for licensing, we have 4 opportunities at $1,500 a year.  We will acknowledge your support by mentioning that all music is underwritten by those that took advantage of this offer. Our schedule includes many hours of dedicated local music play and most hours that are assigned to a specific show also include music because many shows are not a full hour.

The following are some of our ongoing operating expenses:

  • Promotion to both attract listeners and program hosts.
  • Equipment and training materials to loan to show hosts who can’t afford their own.
  • Purchase of equipment for remote recording and broadcast of community events.
  • Operating costs like music licensing, hosting, website costs, and insurance.
  • Studio space, utilities and broadcast equipment.

Why does underwriting benefit you?

Although you may already advertise using traditional methods including on the radio, underwriting has a different impact. We believe listeners see your support of KBFG less as an advertisement and more of support for a locally-run and locally-focused community radio station. An advantage with underwriting KBFG is that unlike major media outlets, you will not be competing with major national corporations to get exposure. Our focus is on our community. Your support also displays your active participation in your community. Everyone involved in KBFG are volunteers that live in your neighborhood.  Unlike single-format traditional media, our station has a diverse set of programming which will mean a more diverse set of audience at various times of the day. The more hours your message is played the more diverse audience you can reach.


Underwriting Rates

The following rate card lists our current rates.