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We are using Basecamp to manage all of our volunteer work to bringing LPFM to North Seattle. If you want to get involved, either to get regular updates or to be part of a committee, please register to sign up for our basecamp project. You can register at the following link:


  1. Kira Baker Reply

    I am very interested in learning more about radio and how it connects to more music opportunities and business occupations. Thank you!

    1. Mikey Reply

      Hello Ms Baker,
      If you’d like to become involved in local radio, please join us at our upcoming Programming “Potluck”, Thursday, March 10th 6 pm at the Greenwood Library. For more info please check our BaseCamp link:

      Thanks and hope to see you in March!

  2. Steve Rush Garrett Reply

    I have some experience on the mic, but not a whole lot – and a little more experience supporting the person(s) behind the mic(s), as a lowly program producer, (basically you answer the phones and make notes for your on-mic person for guidance and phone waiting lists etc).

    I can also be reached by cell phone, but i prob. won’t answer while driving – so please, a message? 206-601-9724

    1. Mikey Reply

      Hello Mr Garrett,
      KBFG radio has just begun our monthly Programming “Potlucks”. These “Potlucks” consist of volunteers working together to create content for local community radio. We will be holding our second “Potluck” at the Greenwood Library, Thursday, March 10th at 6 pm. Check our BaseCamp page for more info:

      Hope to see you in March!

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