KBFG Garage Sale!

Who loves garage sales? EVERYONE does, right?? We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Phinney Neighborhood Association and we will host our own garage sale during their Garage Sale Day 2017 Event on Saturday, June 3rd. Here are more details: http://phinneycenter.org/garagesale.
We could REALLY use some local support from the community though. Do you have any items you would be willing to donate to us that we could put up for sale on that day? All items are accepted, no matter how big or small. Please send an email to info@fulcrumcc.org or call Pam at 206-402-6926 if you would like to get involved and we can go over more details.
Funds raised from this event will help to pay for the permits that we need to broadcast on the air, advertise who we are, and get us some new equipment to use. We just opened our new temporary studio; we will have brand new episodes to air (streaming only) soon along with a complete schedule of them; and it’s looking like we should be broadcasting on FM by the middle of the year! We are just waiting for all of the permits to fall into place.

Address = 5308 Baker Avenue NW.

Lines may go around the block several times and overflow onto Phinney Ave. Fremont and Phinney Ridge traffic may be adversely affected. Be advised.



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