The Secret Word Ep 33 – Monster

Producer, Writer and Host Eric Muhs Works in North Seattle

THE SECRET WORD is a music based podcast themed around a “word picked out of thin air” to set up an eclectic program of various genres. Local musician and KBFG board member Eric Muhs picks ’em.

“Monster”  Broadcasts:

  • Friday, August 3rd at 9pm
  • Saturday, August 4th at 9am

Show 33, “The Secret Word is Monster,”

Original Air Date: August 3rd, 2018

Track List

Grog Monster The Sunny Cowgirls
The Monster Roy Harper
Green Eyed Monster Girl Sly Stone
Ballad of the Loch Ness Monster Robert Force & Albert d’Ossché
Monster Vitamin String Quartet
Guitar Monsters Les Paul
Personal Monster The Legendary Pink Dots
Monsters Lucius
Monster Eric Muhs and Charles Laurel
The Monster Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich
Scary Monsters David Bowie
Monsters Band of Horses
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